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She's starin'
And the mood is right.
Music blarin' and the ladies are lookin' nice.
I'm lookin' good and you know it too.
So tell me why should I,
Fuck with you?

[Chorus] x2
She's always callin,
Blowin' up my instant messenger.
I'ts getting hot in here,
I'm turning off the temperature.
This club is crawling with exotic stripper leopard skirts.
They got's me feeling like I'm never having sex with her.

I will fuck you.
I don't wanna fuck you,
Where I took you.
You sound so innocent.
I will suck you,
You got me feeling so alive.
I will fuck you,
In the sky!

I showed ya',
You ain't got's to go slow motion
Hoping that, she'd know there's disease.
Even though she's bleedin'
I'm leavin'
Heavy breathin',
There'll be no conceivin'.
That's a rap,
After the big nasty,
Grabbed into the happy.
Gone. Stop.
This goes no further,
You couldn't pay me to touch that chonch burger.


I ain't never gonna fuck you,
This is true.
Roses smell like roo roo!
You say you love me,
I bet that aint true.
But I will never
Ever, ever, (x29)

I don't wanna have sex with whore.
(But she looks so sexy the way she moves.)
I don't wanna have sex any more.
(Quit bein' a fucking prude.)
I don't wanna have sex with this whore
(But dude, this bitch is hot! )
I don't wanna have sex anymore.
(Just take another shot, or I'll beat the FUCK outta' you.)
Hahaha, haha.
You son of a


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1 Kamila Kamila | E-mail | Web | 23. června 2009 v 16:53 | Reagovat

Jasně, spřátelím, a moc ráda... :)

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